Leavitt Bulldog Club Europe

Leavitt Bulldog the most original Old English Bulldog by David Leavitt

Welcome to the

Leavitt Bulldog Association Europe

LBAE was created to foster communication and cooperation between European LB owners in an effort to maintain and improve their dogs.

This group will work together in a positive fashion to help each other and turn away from the kennel blindness, aggression and negativity so common in the dog world today.

The founding members are from Germany, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Britain, and the Netherlands. The use of so many languages makes it a priority to translate pages on the website so everyone can read them in their own language. Luckily our members possess varied skills and expertise and they will be used to help and support LB enthusiasts.

I feel training and conditioning your dog is critical to realize an optimum relationship and it is my hope that the LBAE will encourage this work.

My sincere thanks to all of you for your interest, help and support.

David Leavitt